What is DPS in Gaming?

DPS stands for Damage Per Second. It is a standard measure of the rate at which an action deals damage to opponents, or heals allies. The dps rating may be increased by adding skills, gear, and runes that increase dps. This article will answer common questions about dps in gaming and provide useful tips for dps boosters!

What is DPS in gaming?

Damage Per Second (DPS) is a statistic that measures the amount of damage dealt to opponents or healed to allies in one second. Adding skills, equipment, and runes that boost dps may improve the dps rating.

How do I increase my dps rating?

 There are many ways you can boost your dps rating:

  • Add skills that allow you to attack faster (examples include Wind Slash with Cyclone Armor)
  • Use weapons/gear pieces with high DPS ratings
  • Equip Runes that have the “increased X” stat  (examples include PvP Power Rune of Perplexity)       

Is dps useful?

DPS is an important gaming metric that allows players to see how effective their dps rating is compared to others. It can also be used as a measure for effectiveness of skills, gear, and runes.

As you increase dps through upgrading weapons/gear pieces or adding dps-increasing skills/runes, you will notice your attacks become faster (for physical DPS) or more powerful (for magic).

What are the benefits of increasing dps?  

There are many reasons why players try to boost their dps:

  • Increase damage output by attacking opponents faster; thus allowing them less time to attack back
  • Deal enough damage quickly enough so enemies cannot heal themselves effectively after taking initial damage  
  • Gain the upper hand in PvP battles by dps-ing opponents before they have a chance to dps you
  • Steal kills from other players by dps-ing enemies quickly

How to calculate your DPS

Your dps is calculated by taking the average damage of an attack and dividing it by its cooldown time.

For example: If you cast a spell that does 100 points of magic damage to your opponent, but has a 45 second cooldown, then your dps would be 200/45 = ~0.045 dps. This means each second of combat, you deal 0.045 dps worth of damage on average (or put another way—you could expect to see about two attacks per minute from this skill).


As you can see dps is a useful gaming metric that tells players how fast their attacks are compared to others. You can increase dps in several ways, which will allow you to improve your damage output and effectiveness in PvP battles.

DPS increases make combat much more enjoyable for many gamers!

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