How to Change Keyboard Color on iPhone

A keyboard color on an iPhone is one of those things that some people don’t even know they can change. Luckily, it’s easy to do! This article will show you how to change keyboard color on iphone and give you a few helpful tips for customizing your keyboard as well. It’ll be like starting with a blank slate, but better because all the letters are already there.

Why should you change the color of your keyboard on an iPhone?

There are several reasons that you may want to change keyboard color on iPhone. For example, if your keyboard is super bright in the dark it can hurt your eyes and cause problems when trying to fall asleep. Another reason might be because you just bought a new case for your iphone and it has an impactful design or image! Changing keyboard around so that it matches with this awesome new case could really make the phone look great again, especially if they go together perfectly (which would probably require some level of matching).

Come and join the Dark Side

Apple keyboard colors are boring. We all know that the best keyboard color is black, so why not start there? This section will tell you how to change keyboard color on iphone and it’ll be pretty easy too! Luckily, Apple makes this process super simple because they want everyone using their products.

Keyboard color is an essential part of customizing your keyboard because all those colorful options make them harder to access. To avoid confusion try setting one or two colors as defaults for certain tasks like making notes in Evernote or typing out a grocery list in Reminders. Changing keyboard color takes only seconds so there isn’t much reason not to experiment!

Gboard app to change the keyboard color on iOS

The only difference is you’re using your phone’s settings instead of an app and it requires some extra steps to get access to the keyboard section. Thankfully, Google has made this process really simple because they want everyone using their products too!

The brand new colorful keyboard doesn’t look like the default one at first glance but if you tap around a bit you might notice some of the keys aren’t where they used to be. For example, delete has moved from its former location just above return key into an empty box right beside backspace.

Customize With a Personalized Color Keyboard

The Freeware Color Keyboards is a keyboard software that is completely free to download from the App Store. This program enables you to select from a range of themes and typefaces, both of which are free.

Different types of skins are available, ranging from the primary color and abstract themes to animal prints and vibrant backgrounds. Custom Color Keyboard will undoubtedly provide you with something that matches your own style.


Now that you know how to change keyboard color on iphone, what colors are you going with? Personally I’m thinking about changing mine to a dark pink/red so it’ll look great against my white case!

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